close your eyes and take a moment

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Take a Moment?

Take a Moment is a virtual exhibition of 'eyes closed' portraits curated by photographer Ray Burmiston from decades of his work photographing well known faces. Each year, the exhibition opens for a short period to so that the public can upload their own ‘eyes closed’ selfie to be part of the ever expanding and evolving exhibition.

This year we have partnered with @PiccadillyLights and @TheArtOfLdn to continue to raise awareness of the importance of taking time for ourselves and for our mental health and the 2022 collection will exhibit on the world-famous Piccadilly Lights from 9th March to 6th April 2022.

There will also be a physical exhibition in a gallery below.

Who is Ray Burmiston?

London based photographic artist and former musician Ray Burmiston, is the understated talent behind many a billboard, book and magazine cover. He is the ‘go to’ for the UK’s leading broadcasters, programme makers, advertising agencies and record companies. In his early career he shot for teen titles, such as Smash Hits and Top Of The Pops, and was the official tour photographer for Kylie, Boyzone and The Spice Girls. He has photographed some of the world’s most iconic actors, musicians, and sportsmen many of whom have given their unwavering support to his Take A Moment project and his quest to raise awareness for mental health. He also has a close connection with the charity Comic Relief working regularly on shoots both in the UK and Africa.

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How can I find my selfie in the exhibition?

If you took part in the Take A Moment 2020 or 2021 exhibition, you will have a unique reference number. Use the search bar on to find yourself in the art. As the exhibition is dynamic – your picture will never be in the same position for more than a few minutes. Take a Moment 2022 will work in the same way.

How can I have a chance of seeing myself in the final exhibition on Piccadilly Lights?

You can have a chance of seeing yourself in the final exhibition on Piccadilly Lights by uploading your 'Take A Moment' selfie to your socials and tagging @PiccadillyLights with #TakeAMoment2022. Piccadilly Lights will contact you directly for permissions and if you are selected for the final exhibition.

What does it cost to take part?

Nothing. Uploading your image to the exhibition is absolutely free, however by uploading and ticking the consent box, you give us the right to use your image in the virtual or physical exhibition.

Can I makes copies of the photos in the exhibition?

Whilst we encourage you to share the Take a Moment exhibition, we ask that you don't reproduce anything without the express permission of Take a Moment.

Who will see my photo in the exhibition?

Everyone who can access the online art or who might visit a live, physical exhibition.

What if I change my mind?

If you wish to redact your image from the exhibition please email with the subject line 'PLEASE REMOVE MY IMAGE'.

What do I do if someone else has uploaded my image without my permission?

Please email immediately with the reference number that comes up when you hover over the image. We will then suspend the image until we verify the situation.

I uploaded my photo, but haven't received an email and cannot find it in the exhibition, what should I do?