Helen Marshall, Artist Founder of The People's Picture

Stephen Fry taking a moment Click here to explore the mosaic

Also previewing at The National Portrait Gallery on 10th October 2023 - World Mental Health Day

During our 2023 campaign we were approached by visual artist Helen Marshall of the Peoples Picture to collaborate on this incredible interactive artwork. It incorporates thousands of 'eyes closed' photographs uploaded by the public, alongside Ray Burmiston's portraits of over 300 household names who have lent their support to the project. Every moment counts in this virtual mosaic where contributors can find their 'moment', discover stories, and be inspired by others to take a moment of calm.

Together with Helen, we decided to use Ray's portrait of Stephen Fry. His fondness and support for the Take A Moment campaign from its genesis in 2020 has been a source of great encouragement and as a storyteller himself, using his master image seems very fitting.

Stephen Fry said: "It's so important for our mental health to take a moment and this campaign serves as a powerful reminder to find the time to breathe, reconnect and regain a sense of clarity. Everyone should pause and take a step back from time to time - it's something we can all do no matter who or where we are. I'm delighted to have been part of the genesis of the project and to have seen it evolve into something much bigger, offering space to people to reconnect, where members of the public can join hundreds of famous faces raising awareness for mental health. It's one of life's most pleasant contradictions - when we close our eyes we can see so much more."

The People's Monarch 2013
The People's Monarch – The People's Picture – BBC South East – 2013
The People's Picture

Helen Marshall, Artist Founder of The People's Picture, said: "I stumbled across the beautiful photographs and storytelling campaign of Take A Moment and just knew I had to make something with this inspirational material so I reached out to collaborate. It chimed with me as I related to it deeply on an individual, artistic and social level. Having recently had a traumatic experience that challenged my own mental health and wellbeing, this collaboration perfectly aligned with my need to take a moment to further create and heal through making collective art, something I have been doing all my life, joining up with this incredible community who all tell their story so powerfully via the sharing of a simple selfie."

Thank you for taking a moment with us.

Click here to explore the mosaic